About Nadine Francis

My name is Nadine Francis. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer located in Peterborough, Ontario and I am the proud owner of Good Doggy!

As a young child, I grew up in the country surrounded by nature and wildlife. From this grew a passion for all animals; especially dogs and horses.

Over the years I worked in dog kennels, bird aviaries, horse stables, and trained, competed and owned my own horses and dogs. I continued to train horses professionally for 20 years. I rescued local wildlife, rehabilitated many animals including unwanted cats and dogs. This lifestyle helped to create a better understanding and respect for all animal behaviour.

I have owned many dogs in my lifetime, including a Dalmation, named “April Snowdrop”, I was given for my 10th birthday. She was a lovely dog who was loyal to me. Unfortunately she failed obedience school with my mom 5 times, chewed all the wooden furniture and did many other naughty things. I never really understood this as I had her doing all sorts of tricks, and obedience and had her off leash with me. This is what things were like. I always had my dogs off leash where ever I went and they always listened!

Another dog that stands out is a Border Collie/German Shepherd puppy I named Everest.

I adopted him from a shelter and aptly named him Everest, as his name indicated the huge heart and drive he had for life. He was hyper, had this crazy never ending energy, tons of personality and was intelligent. He would push boundaries if you let him. I was always trying to manage him. I sought professional help and soon Everest became an obedience and agility superstar. He knew dozens of tricks and entertained friends and family for years. I have many stories about Everest but one time he even locked family members away in the laundry room as visiting relatives didn’t know how to deal with his exuberant nature and he took full advantage when I went out for the day. They were laughing, but at the same time scared as they didn’t want to challenge him to get out. Finally an uncle got the nerve to be firm and so they were let out of the laundry room. Over the years Everest taught me so much about myself and dogs. We would hike for hours. He ended up getting a tumor in his nasal cavity and at 12 years old, we had to say a very sad goodbye. It took me 2 years before I could have another dog. I had put Everest on such a high pedestal I was afraid of comparing him to all dogs. Everest had been the dog I took every where and mostly off leash as he was extremely obedient. My friends and family loved him. The community knew him.

I share my home with 3 dogs: a rat terrier, a cattle dog mix and a Doberman. All of which have had their own challenges we have had to work through. I find training my personal dogs and practicing rewarding. They thrive on the attention and find training fun; as it should be. I can take my dogs anywhere and they behave, listen and are good dogs in public. That is something I am proud of.

My life would not be complete without a dog and helping people with their puppies or problem dogs is a passion of mine. I want you to see the true potential your dog has and for you to enjoy them! All dogs have potential to be awesome dogs. Which is why my tag line is:
” To empower one dog owner at a time – with knowledge, practice and patience.”

Nadine Francis

Photo of Nadine Francis as a child with April
Photo of Everest
Photo of Nadine Francis and Jenna
Professional Dog Trainer Nadine Francis with Benson
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