Off Leash Dogs

Lots of dogs pull on the leash. A lot of dog owners are frustrated. It’s about proper communication or lack thereof.

You can use food, treats, toys, e collar, prong, martingale, harness, halti, transitional, choke chain, flat buckle. There is a vast amount of things you can use to help you…but your dogs behaviour is a direct result in most cases of how they perceive their relationship to YOU.

As a trainer we can help train a dog to walk amazingly well. We can work on motivation and engagement. We can get a calmer dog; a dog that can make better choices. We can train obedience commands to your dog. It’s all about how the dog sees YOU in their daily life that affects the walk.

From the time you get up in the morning, to the time you go to bed…go to work, run errands, handle your family, pick kids up from school, running around for sports, happy marriage, bad marriage, divorce, loss of a loved one,  every day stress, structure, routine and fun is what a dog feeds off of.

If you can not calm your own mind how are you going to calm your dog? If you constantly are on the go and play constantly with your dog they will not be capable of turning to the off switch naturally. You do t want to over correct your dog for negative behaviour because they are not acting out on purpose. They are acting out because they don’t know what else to do with the energy they have. We have to compete with a lot in real life. Inside and outside.

The dog is a canine. An entirely different species compared to a human. For some reason humans have a really hard time accepting or understanding the value in this FACT. It’s not a myth. Our dogs are not furr babies and not our own human babies. They have a brain and process information very differently then we do.  A dog should earn freedoms through training. Example, if your dog acts badly on leash, is reactive, doesn’t listen, then why is it lose in the forest or hiking trail? If your dog doesnt listen and growls when a dog or person goes near its food, bones, water or toys, then why is it allowed on our furniture? Height matters to a dog and to give this priviledge to a dog that acts this way is a ticking time bomb. We give our kids structure. Why wouldnt we do the same with our dogs?

Dogs are loving beings. They make us feel good. They are cuddly and give us attention. They want to be with us. But just because a dog shows affection doesn’t mean they respect you. A dog that respects you will listen. They will follow your lead. Because you have proven yourself with your lifestyle choices, your routine, your relationships and choices. Dogs are intelligent creatures. They pick up on energy. Energy in our home and energy in our bodies.

Things will run much smoother with your dog if you back off a bit. If you follow through in life and prove yourself. Be consistent and do what you say, say what you mean…you have to make yourself relevant to your dog. Just because you feed your dog doesnt mean they look up to you. In order for your dog to take you seriously is to take yourself seriously…everyday. Teach your dog about choices. Follow through every time you give your dog a command. Dont let your dog jump on people. Its rude. It’s not funny. Its disrespectful. Regain control of your life. Every day life matters if you want a dog that walks nicely in the leash. A strong leader means what they say. A strong leader is calm and in control. They don’t lose their temper or give up. They recognize when they need help and are open to learning. They are supportive and patient.  They set you up for success vs failure and that’s what you need to do with your dog.

So take a good hard look at how you live your life. Your energy. Your stress. Make changes I’d you need to. Make goals. It’s your life…be in charge.  Leadership is not about yelling or bossing people or animals around. It is about being someone your dog wants to interact with. Someone they want to follow. But you might have some work to do to gain that trust and respect. Once you do, your dog will follow your lead, look up at you for guidance and learn to walk nicely and calmly by your side.

Some food for thought. 🙂

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