Dog Training Programs

Good Doggy! offers the following dog training programs and services:

We can help you regain control of your dog and enjoy them like you should! By working in your home, community and on local outings we make it easy to connect to real life situations and give you real life solutions. We are with you every step of the way!

Good Doggy! can help you with:

  • Crate training
  • Leash Manners
  • Obedience
  • Front door manners
  • Jumping and counter surfing
  • Toy and food aggression
  • Coming when called
  • Anxiety
  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Reaction to people and dogs
  • Bite prevention education
  • Introducing a baby
  • Introducing a new dog
  • Regain control

We are sure you likely can relate to one or more of the above points. Call us today and tell us about your dog!

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Good Doggy! Training Programs

GD Puppy Training Program

Puppy Training Program

This program is appropriate for all puppies 8-15 weeks of age. They should be dewormed and have had 1-2 sets of vaccinations.

We focus on building confidence, leash manners, answer crate training, feeding and routine schedule questions, as well as teach the following commands: Crate, Collar on, Leave it, Let’s Go, Look, Break, Place, Sit, Down and Come.

Crate training is encouraged and you will be given a duo tang filled with training tips, recipes, bite prevention info, exercises and lesson sheets. A 6 foot leash and 30 foot long line is included.

Purchase of a food/treat pouch and a pet cot is highly recommended.

Includes unlimited text, email, or Facebook Messenger support.

Puppy training photo
Photo of GIa

Behaviour Problem Dogs

Does your dog:
Jump on people? Pull when walking on a leash? Chase the cat? Guard a bone? Ignore you when you call?

Good Doggy! Can Help.
Give Us A Call (905) 442-5580

GD Learning Program

Dog Learning Program

This program is suitable for all dogs 15 weeks and older. We will continue to work on previous skills learned from GD Puppy; however, it is not a prerequisite. We will build motivation, focus, and confidence by working in the home, and when suitable we will move into the community: local parks, hardware stores, grocery store parking lots, and other approved locations, to work on distractions and proof newly acquired skills.

The order in which Good Doggy! teaches: Speed, distraction, duration. We also use a pet cot to teach all basic commands.

Commands we will work on are: Come, Sit, Down, Look, Packing in on long line, Place, Let’s go/Heel, Leave it, Off, Break; Coming in and out of doorways, Basic manners, and leash skills using concept of pressure on and pressure off. You will also be expected to teach your dog at least one independent trick towards the end of the 6 week program.

Understanding a dogs body language is important and we focus on teaching signs to look for and include important information in the training duo tang for everyone including: grandparents, families, and so forth to keep dogs, kids and other people safe.

A duo-tang with general exercises, training tips, bite prevention info, recipes and homework sheets, a 6 ft leash and 30 ft leash are included. All other tools: Halti, transitional with safety, nylon slip collar, prong, or e collar are included.

*Recommended purchases: Food pouch, pet cot (recommended brands: Mahar, Kuranda).

Includes unlimited text, email, or Facebook Messenger support.

You have the option of training with or without an E-collar. The E-collar training will give you and your dog the added benefit of off leash freedom.

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Dog Training Accessories

Let's Work Together

Good Doggy! Uses proven techniques and assists dogs in making good decisions.
We want to help empower you as an owner and set your dog up for success!
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GD Boarding School

advanced dog training program

  • Do you have a dog with aggression or anxiety?
  • Do you have a dog with re-activity to people, dogs or objects?
  • Are you at your wits end with your dog’s insecurity, or inability to focus on you, or refusal to walk nice on leash?
  • Do you yearn for your dog to behave in and out of the home but just can’t find the daily time required to train him/her?
  • Do you require extra help to get your dog / puppy started off in the right direction?
  • Do you require more than once a week training?
  • Have you had enough and just don’t know what to do?

If so, then this option is for you!

Good Doggy! Boarding School programs are typically 4 weeks long. We do offer a 2 week obedience tweaking program as well as longer programs for specific dogs.

We work on leash manners, self calming, detoxing (naturally), social skills, routine, habit changing using behaviour modification. All dogs are crate trained and are on a set routine as soon as they arrive. Dogs also learn or are reinforced in the following commands: come, sit, down, off, look, place, lets go, good.

Once a dog has reached a specific level in it’s training it may join us on hikes, community outings and pack walks to proof among people, dogs and distractions.

GD Boarding School includes a 30 day program and a 1 hr follow up consultation, after the 30 days. Simply call and book the appointment.

The key to success is consistency. Good Doggy! will do their best for the highest success in training your dog; however, it is up to you to maintain and follow the trainers advice for continued success.

Includes unlimited text, email, or Facebook Messenger support.

German Shepard Mix
Photo of Board and Train client Angus
Client Kipper On Place Command


Consultations are available to be used as a meet and greet, explain programs and/or evaluate your dog.

Consultations are generally 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length. If you have an aggressive dog or a dog with no prior bite history but there is doubt, we ask that you muzzle your dog and put it on a leash for safety. This is not only for trainers safety but for your own safety as many dogs will redirect their frustration, regardless if they have a history or not.

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Dog Training can be fun!


These basic tricks can be taught at playtime:

  • dance
  • shake a paw
  • leg weave
  • roll over
  • find it
  • pick it up
  • fetch
  • leave it
  • jump over
  • tunnel
  • beg
  • army crawl
  • bark on command

Any dog can learn these once they understand the basics: sit, down, come, stay.

Commonly Used Commands

heal command

Come – When calling your dog to come to you
Heel – When you want your dog walking right by your side
Sit – To have dog sit (normally in front of you)
Down – To have the dog lie down
Stand – To have dog stand (helpful for vet trips and wiping muddy paws)
Off – To get dog off of something (i.e. furniture or person)
Leave it – When you want the dog to not touch/smell something
Place – State of mind in stationary position
Look – To get your dog’s attention back on you
Out – To spit object out of mouth
Take – To pick up object by mouth
Settle – To help calm the dog down
Break – Release command
Good – Reward marker
Packing in – Long line work

Reasons To Train Your Dog

train your dog

Advantages of having a dog trained.

  • Improves your relationship with your dog
  • provides enrichment and stimulates dog’s brain
  • gives dog a job/ activity to do
  • dog will be happier = you will be happier
  • eliminates behavior issues
  • builds confidence in dog and owner/ handler
  • enhances safety and protects your dog from dangers (skunk / cars on streets)
  • trained dogs are better behaved and fun making them enjoyable for entire family and friends
  • teaches dog to think and problem solve which results in better decision making
  • creates a calmer dog
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