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Dog training testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from Good Doggy obedience programs, behaviour training and consultations. You may also visit our Facebook Page to read more testimonials from satisfied clients.

Nadine has literally changed our lives. I cannot possibly re-iterate enough what an impact she has had on our family.

We were battling constantly with rude behaviour in the house and community, food aggression, dog re-activity and aggression and a difference in opinion of how to handle her.

Since taking Nadine’s Good Doggy training program, Abbey has done a complete 360, She has learned ‘calm’ in our household. She stays out of our space during ‘human’ mealtimes and can regulate her excitement when someone comes to the front door. She knows the expectations during walks, is confident and trusts her owners when off-leash and LOVES practicing her drills on a daily basis.

Nadine also gave us the tools, skills and confidence to be able to support Abby in her training program. She taught us how to read our dogs behaviour and to be very aware of our surroundings. She taught us how to advocate for our dog when we are out in the community (i.e. what to do when an unknown dog approaches in the park) and how to support our dog to make good decisions.

Most importantly, Nadine helped our dog love life again (and us too!) She was available whenever we needed questions answered and helped us problem solve any issues we were having. We had an extremely positive experience with her and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

Katie and Kristin

Owners of Abbey

We have been working so hard and cannot thank you enough Nadine Francis. As you know when you met us Sargent had already been through 2 other training programs and we had multiple visits from the city bylaw. As some one that has spent her life with dogs and horses I felt like a complete failure. I couldn’t believe I could not control my own dog and was at the point of re-homing him. Something I have never done. Your training program has changed all of that. You truly are the best of the best in dog training. I feel like I’m working with Cesar Milan 🙂

I highly recommend your Good Doggy program to all! Thank you Nadine for all your help we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Beth Farkas

Owner of Sargeant

Good Doggy! was a great service for me and my dog Harley. He is a 2 year old Rottweiler who is an amazing family dog, but lacked confidence in himself. This lack of confidence made it hard to have strangers in the house, and to go for everyday walks. Through Good Doggy’s! board and train program, Harley has become a whole new dog! Still his quirky self, but now I can enjoy having people in my home without stress. I can also enjoy taking my dog out and going many places that I would have never before. I am very thankful for this experience and feel both me and Harley have learned a lot, and will continue to improve.

Michelle Claus

Owner of Harley

I have had Roxy for 4 years, she is, in my eyes, my only child. Yes, my child. I love her like I would my own and only want the best for her. However, for some time now, Roxy has been whining and looked utterly miserable with her life. She suffered from anxiety and extremely high energy levels. I did not realize that my efforts to comfort her and, for lack of better work “fix” her, were detrimental. It was then she started to react aggressively towards other animals. It broke my heart to see such a beautiful, timid, loving dog become so frightened and distracted. Nadine was recommended to me by a patient who only had positive things to say. I thought to myself; Roxy deserves to be happy. It was the best decision we have ever made. Roxy spent 3 whole weeks with Nadine and although difficult to adapt to a life without Roxy, the results were priceless. Roxy returned with manners, confidence and structure. We were able to control the instinctual behaviors of her breed (to which we were unaware) and noticed a huge difference in her state of mind. Roxy looked happier, was calmer and visibly enjoyed life. What I loved the most was that Roxy was still my silly girl, clumsy and sweet. Nadine was also extremely easy to work with. She was professional, timely and reliable. She respected us and Roxy and was understanding of her several health conditions and behavior. As a large breed dog owner, it is difficult to find professionals that are non-judgmental. I have had difficult times finding a groomer, dog sitter, vet, daycare/boarding for Roxy due to her shear size. Nadine instantly looked passed Roxy’s exterior and saw the sweet, soft girl she really was. For me the training went well beyond training Roxy. Nadine helped me realize that I had to train myself to show more confidence, and to properly treat Roxy in such a way that she would respect me. That many things I did thinking I was comforting and making Roxy happy were in fact reinforcing poor behaviour and making both me and her more anxious. The whole process was beyond eye opening and I could never adequately express my gratitude for all her help. I would highly recommend to all dog owners who are struggling with obedience, confident or control to contact Good Doggy. They offer a variety of services and follow-through without hesitating to answer 100000 questions. When people now see me and Roxy outside and can see her immediate response to command they ask me “so, was it worth it?” – without hesitation we will always reply ‘without a doubt”. I am proud of our pack and I have Nadine at Good Doggy to thank for that. Followers for life.

Natalie & Micah

Owners of Roxy

We use Good Doggy! Nadine provides 1:1 sessions in your home and community working on your dogs individual needs which was key for our boy, as he was a rescue who was anxious, reactive and had bad manners/habits. We have developed a great relationship, not only with us and but also our boy. She is always available for questions or support when we need it! Nadine has a variety of knowledge about different methods and tools to use, and her weekly handouts were great to help us remember our homework each week. Our boy is truly made a 180 in the last 6 months since we got him. He no longer runs away; his leash manners are much better; he is a calmer dog (much less anxious); and he now knows come, down, sit, stay, place, paw. His future is much brighter now and I can honestly say it is because of Nadine’s care, methods and advice!

Sherri Risto

Owner of Kipper

I can’t begin to thank you and Good Doggy! enough for the amazing transformation in our dog Angus. Prior to his 4 week board and train with you he was a stubborn, insecure puppy who was spoiled and thought he ruled the roost. Angus had received some basic training at the local pet store, but very few of the commands would stick outside the classroom. He wouldn’t come when called, barked constantly both inside and out, pulled every which way on the leash and had even bitten two family members. Unfortunately, Angus was becoming a puppy who was more of a nuisance than man’s best friend. Nobody even wanted to walk him anymore because of what a struggle it was just to get around the block. During his board and train with Good Doggy! Angus proved just how stubborn he could be by refusing food for 5 days. Fortunately, your expertise and a huge amount of patience paid off because Angus finally began to realize that he was part of the pack and not the leader. He was conditioned to ecollar and with your guidance and training, he became the confident dog that he is today. Now Angus is a joy to walk both on and off lease, something that I would never have dared to try in the past. He will come when called, stay on place wherever I put him and I rarely hear him bark (except at the odd squirrel temptation running across the back fence). Angus enjoys using his brain, playing mind games and working for his food. I have even seen him stop and think and decide not to jump up on the couch! He is such a Good Doggy! and a joy to have around. Thank you again for all of your support and training and for helping to make us a happy pack once again!


Owner of Angus

I have known Nadine for a number of years, and had the pleasure of seeing how well trained her own dogs were. I knew that when we got our 1st puppy, “Sophie”, Nadine would be the one I would call to help us with training. With lots of encouragement from Nadine, our wonderfully playful and easily distracted pup has learned some manners. Nadine offered advice and technique throughout the process. She was able to keep Sophie engaged at each session, offering new experiences and distractions. We noticed a change in only a couple of sessions. I have had strangers stop me in the street to comment on how well Sophie was doing. Nadine’s love of animals is evident, and I would highly recommend her for all of your training needs.


Owner of Sophie

First of all, I would like to thank Nadine for helping me with my boxer and teaching me how to become a leader. I was at my wits end with my dog. She was aggressive towards new dogs and people, and horrible on a leash. Nadine showed me how to gain respect from my dog by tapping into her basic instincts as a dog. With the help of Nadine’s techniques, my dog has come along way in 6 weeks. I am able to have an enjoyable walk with her and have people over to visit. We still have a lot to work on but I know with lots practice and patience, on my behalf, my dog will continue to improve. I highly recommend Nadine Francis of Good Doggy!. She shows passion in what she does and is very knowledgeable in her balanced training techniques.

Danielle L

Owner of Josie

Just a quick note to say that Nadine Francs has helped my dogs Riggs and Jessy overcome their bad habits. Her expertise and patience are reflected in the final outcome. My dogs no longer knock over garbage cans and spread the waste all over the place. Good Doggy has made my life a whole lot easier and it has let me fully enjoy the company of my beloved pets. A simple call to reassure me would often be enough to continue in the correct direction. Nothing was more amazing between dog and human as her relationship with her a mixed breed dog called Everest. I remember walking with both of them in a forest footpath in total silence and Everest was keen for the next hand signal. This totally blew me away. I saw how capable Nadine is in communicating with Everest and establishing a trusting bond. When I need help with my dogs’ obedience I think of Nadine first.


Owner of Riggs and Jessy

Nadine is very talented, experienced and brave. I will never forget the first time I met Nadine. She had been forewarned about the chaos in our home; Jesse: our out of control 100 pound Mastiff/Rottweiler puppy. We had thought ourselves experienced dog owners but we were at our wits end and very nervous about the future. Nadine shared her knowledge, patience and her repertoire of training methods. Changes in Jesse, however small, were immediate and improvement constant. We now have our blissful home back, complete with the love and joy a dog brings into your life. Thank you Nadine.

Carolann & Dave Quinlan

Owners of Jesse

Thank you so much for all the guidance and instruction. Quinn is a changed dog and the family is so thankful. Thank you for everything.


Owner of Quinn

After we welcomed our son, we noticed a change in our dog, Bentley. He became quite anxious around strangers and began to jump at cars on our walks. We contacted Nadine, and she explained that he was feeling displaced and uncertain of his role now that there was a new family member. Nadine worked with us to establish routines and boundaries with Bentley. We have noticed an incredible change with him, and couldn’t be more grateful. I frequently tell people, “Nadine gave us our family back”.

Kelly Hamilton

Owner of Bentley

Good Doggy has been an amazing experience!! Nadine was absolutely amazing! We signed up our 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy, Isla, for the GD Puppy Training Program just to learn basic skills and put her smarts to good use! She wasn’t badly behaved, just regular puppy things. After one class, we could already see a difference! You can tell how much she just loves the dogs and cares for the owners she works with. She is there to answer any questions or concerns when ever you need it! You and your dog get taken on field trips in and around your neighbourhood and local stores to prove your skills, which was something we really enjoyed! Isla loved her training and trainer!! Thank you Nadine for your amazing work with Isla! Can’t wait to sign up for the next level, GD Learning Program!

Eric and Nicole

Owners of Isla

Our dog Kaiah was attacked twice by dogs that were bullies when she was 1.5 years old. This caused anxiety for Kaiah and me to react whenever we came in contact with other dogs. Kaiah became leash reactive and took on an aggressive approach to people and dogs on walks as well as people or dogs coming into our house. I lost my confidence in being able to handle any situation that came along. I would lock Kaiah in a bedroom when people came over, I would avoid people and dogs on walks and we stopped going on off leash hikes. I realized I did not want to live like this anymore.

Nadine’s guidance and training has given us the confidence and the tools to handle any situation and Kaiah is becoming more and more confident, less anxious and is enjoying meeting new people and dogs wherever we go. Our relationship with Kaiah is stronger, built on mutual trust and respect. Nadine taught us to be leaders and now Kaiah has good manners greeting guests (people or dogs). We can go on walks without Kaiah reacting to people or dogs. We are enjoying off leash hikes again!

Nadine’s 1 on 1 training in our home was awesome! Nadine was able to assess and give the appropriate training and tools for us to succeed. Nadine is always available to answer questions and give good advice. Thank you Nadine!

Cheryl and Ross

Owners of Kaiah

I grew up in a home always having dogs. I am very comfortable with dogs because of this, and would suggest to anyone that it is a critical part of any child’s life to have these types of relationships. BUT…. in order to create the proper, positive experiences, there needs to be some sort of structure and process in building the correct relationship. IT takes patience, calmness, and consistent technique, but most important is remembering that your friend is a dog….to be handled as an animal not humanized.
Having said all of this, after all the dogs I have lived with and built relationships with, I still can say I have never learned so much as I have in my last year around Nadine.

My wife and I have 2 kids. We rescued a Shepherd/Lab mix in October of 2015 at 6mths of age. He was an awesome puppy with us, but very hyper and no manners! He had no etiquette with people nor other dogs. He simply did not know how to act around them, and was in a place of having no understanding or leadership to know what his expectations should be for himself nor others around him.

It is a hard balance between loving your dog and conditioning him to act responsibly, and make healthy decisions…much like raising a child!

Gaining respect, and earning the leader role with your canine family member is essential in this process! Nadine is the ingredient in this equation that provided the assistance and education for this to happen. The rest is up to the family to continue and work on!

Nadine Francis, of Good Doggy, has been a great asset in our corner through our first year with Rocky, and I would recommend her to anyone. No matter what your situation is, no matter how bad you think it has become, the only mistake would be thinking that no one can do anything to help you. Nadine can!

Thank you Nadine, and Rocky loves you!


Owner of Rocky

I cannot even begin to say enough great things or explain the positive difference Nadine Francis of Good Doggy has done for our home, family & our dog Andy, its entirely a better environment in the house & outside since Andy has come home from 3 weeks of board & train with Nadine.

We adopted Andy March 8, 2015 he was 2 years old he was the perfect house dog right from the start, never getting into anything even when left by himself so friendly & loving. We found out very fast he had some really bad habits:

  1. Was mouthing, he would bite at your feet or ankles when he wanted attention just like a puppy would.
  2. When on leash would lunge at people as they walked pass & leash reactive to dogs as well , this was not good for him or us, I became very nervous on our walks. Andy was great off leash only in fenced areas as his recall was horrible, he got along with all the dogs at the dog park.

I knew I had to do something to help him and myself, as I was not knowledgeable to handle his leash reactive, so I signed up at a dog training center he passed the 2 classes we went to but no change in his leash reactive & his recall. I even had the trainer do private lessons I did everything they recommended faithfully for 7 months there still was no improvement. I found myself at the dog park more & more as it was fenced off leash & he was great there. I ran into a lady at the park one day her dog was amazingly obedient & I made a comment how I wished Andy would come like that when called, she told me about Nadine from Good Doggy & she owed this all to her. I immediately looked Nadine up saw she did leash pack walks once a month so I went on one to check her out, I was very impressed how Nadine handled us walkers on her pack walk. We talked after the walk filled her in on the last 7 months of training I was doing. She was so great, made a lot of sense and I could tell how passionate she was with training dogs.

I decided to do the board & train as it was better for my work schedule Nadine was fantastic at keeping me informed & up to date On Andy’s progress every day, I also loved the fact this is done in her home not in a kennel. From the moment Andy came home it was amazing, his recall off leash is 100 % we now go on off leash hikes, he now will stay in place until he is told he can get up, has not mouthed in 3 months of coming home & his leash reactive is almost nil. We owe this all to Nadine who gave us the tools & knowledge that worked for Andy. I highly recommend Nadine Francis at Good Doggy Obedience & Training she is 101 % dedicated not just to your dog but to the owners as well. You won’t find a better teacher, trainer anywhere but right here at Good Doggy.

Thank you Nadine for giving us the tools to help & train Andy

Janice Zicari

Owner of Andy

Morning Nadine! I just wanted to send a quick message of thanks. On Sunday we had the families over for a Father’s Day BBQ and asked Kevin and Nancy to bring Monty with them. When they got here, Kevin and I took Cooper and Monty for a short walk to the park and then let them off leash and they did SO great! No issues at all. We were able to come back to the party where there were 11 adults and 2 young kids in our smaller backyard and the furry boys acted amazing. Not stressful at all and just enjoyable for all. I was so glad we had done the introduction with you during one of Cooper’s last training sessions and am just really thankful for all of your help with getting Cooper to where he is now. With losing Suki, this past week has been difficult, but Cooper has been a great comfort and the training has just really allowed us to enjoy him so much more. Thank you so much. xo

Stephanie Park and David Ferguson

Owners of Tucker

I am so pleased to hear that Nadine is following her passion for dogs and has started her own dog training business: “Good Doggy” I have known Nadine since 2001 when she had her first dog Everest. Now, with Benson and Jenna, her rat terriers, she has once again demonstrated her amazing talents as a dog trainer. Nadine is not only a very good dog-trainer, but is also committed, conscientious, and professional. Congratulations Nadine on the launch of your dog training business.

Frances Tufts

Kendal Hills

Nadine’s comfort and ease with animals make her a natural when it comes to training. Dogs respond to her out of respect, not fear. She shows them the love and care that dogs crave, while at the same time demanding appropriate behaviour. When we brought our rambunctious and somewhat antisocial dog to Nadine, he acted in a way I had never seen before, calmly eating a bone in the grass while another dog roamed nearby. If you see Nadine around dogs once, you’ll see why she is so good at what she does.

Kerralee Fietta

Nadine is a caring individual who loves animals especially dogs and horses. She understands dogs and their behavior. She has two dogs and has trained them so well they listen to everything she says and are constantly paying attention to her every move when on walks or outside with other distractions. She will listen to your needs and give you her best advice and experience.

Jennifer Garon

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